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- Legal authority: Prishtina/Kosovo
DuaReisen is a flight organizer. For all regular flights and charter flights brokered by DuaReisen, the general conditions and terms of carriage (ABB) of the airlines that make the flights apply. All references are for information only.

1. Before the flight
1.1 At Check-in, you must have your travel documents and reservation code ready with you. 1.2 Passengers must be present at Airport Check-in at least
2 hours before the flight.

2. Baggage
Baggage regulations vary by airline. The regulations of the airline operating the flight apply and must be respected. In principle, the following rules apply: Checked Baggage for adults (ADL): Maximum weight: 20kg. Checked Baggage for children 2-12 years (CHD): Maximum weight: 10kg.  Hand luggage for small children (INF): Maximum weight: 5kg . Hand luggage rules and current security regulations must be adhered to.

3. Booking conditions
3.1 You can book DuaReisen tickets online (on the website www.DuaReisen), at partner offices or at its Call Center. Depending on the reservation method, the reservation code is sent to the passenger via e-mail, SMS, or phone if he booked at the Call Center of DuaReisen.
3.2 The reservation is valid when the traveler accepts the reservation confirmation from DuaReisen via e-mail or SMS. If the reservation is made in the Call Center by telephone, then an informal statement or a key action (such as giving the reservation code over the telephone, etc.) is valid as proof.
3.3 The passenger is obliged to immediately check the accuracy of the reservation data that he received via e-mail, SMS or phone and in case he notices inaccuracies, errors, or if he did not receive them at all, he must inform DuaReisen .al. Inaccuracies or errors reported late do not entitle you to withdraw from the contract.
3.4 Services and ticket prices confirmed at the time of booking apply. Ticket prices on our website are updated regularly. They can be charged or released. Special offers and discounts are subject to change.
3.5 The passenger can be transported only if he/she has the necessary and valid documents for travel (passport, ID card, reservation code, visa, etc.). Each traveler is responsible for complying with the travel regulations. The passenger who will not be transported because he has not complied with the travel provisions for entry and exit from the country, does not have the right to request a refund (compensation) of the ticket price.
3.6 If the passenger is denied entry to a country, he is obliged to bear all the expenses that will be incurred to return from that country. The price of the ticket, with which he traveled to the country where he was denied entry, will not be compensated to the passenger.
3.7 The reservation must be in the name of the person who will travel. Otherwise, this person will not be allowed to travel. In these cases, the return of ticket funds is excluded.
3.8 Children under the age of 5, in principle, can only travel accompanied by a supervising adult. Unaccompanied children (5 - 12 years) must be notified/registered at least 48 hours before the flight at DuaReisen, otherwise their transportation cannot be guaranteed.
3.9 Arrival of any connecting flight is not guaranteed.

4. Payments
4.1 Tickets booked on DuaReisen can be paid with credit cards accepted by DuaReisen or by bank transaction. 
4.2 The obligation of the passenger is to provide the correct data of a valid credit card, and not falsified or manipulated. Otherwise, DuaReisen cannot guarantee the price or reservation given as at the beginning.
4.3 In the event that the payment is not made at all or is not made on time, DuaReisen has the right to refuse the provision of services, especially passenger transport. In addition, DuaReisen has the right to engage a collection company to collect the debt. In case of inability or unwillingness to pay, the delay (debt) will be reported to the competent bodies or companies (SCHUFA, Debt Collection Office, etc.).5. Flight, name changes and cancellations
5.1 Flight changes - if there are seats available for the new desired flight - can be made up to 156 hours before the flight with a charge of €100, for each passenger. In addition, other additional expenses may arise as a result of the tariff change. If during the change you choose a cheaper flight, the price of the first booking applies. Name changes can be made with a charge of €200, per passenger. Reservations (flights and/or names) can be changed by phone at the Call Center of DuaReisen or at the offices of DuaReisen partners
5.2 The passenger is obliged to use both going and coming.
If the departure is not used, the arrival (return) will automatically be cancelled. Refund of the ticket price is excluded. The same applies to non-use of arrival (return).
5.3 The passenger has the right to withdraw from the use of the flight
(Cancel). Decisive is the time of acceptance of the reservation cancellation by DuaReisen. A written clarification is suggested. Cancellation after flight departure is no longer possible. In case of cancellation of the booked flight, the following cancellation compensations are set to be paid back:
from 21 to 14 days before the flight -50% of the ticket price,
from 14 to 10 days -75% of the ticket price,
from 10 to 0 days before the flight -100% of the ticket.

So-called LOW COST tickets that do not exceed the amount of 250 Euros as round-trip tickets are not refunded
It is recommended to conclude an insurance agreement. The partial or total return of the ticket funds can only be made in the form of a credit. The credit is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. If it is not used within the specified period, it is no longer valid.
5.4 Contingent special offers whose ticket costs less than 139 Eur,- (one-way flights with all taxes and duties) can neither be changed nor compensated.
5.5 DuaReisen charges may change at any time. This includes taxes for phone reservations, credit card payments, cancellations, changes to reservations or others. These taxes can be reduced, increased, or even eliminated at any time.

6. Baggage Damage and Baggage Loss
For damage to the passenger, baggage and goods, certain international conventions are valid which regulate the obligations in such cases. Any complaint must be made in writing to the airline that operates the flight.

7. Flights
Passengers will travel on scheduled and charter flights of Swiss or foreign airlines. Published flight times, airlines and flight types are subject to short-term change.

8. Complaints
Complaints must be made without delay to DuaReisen Customer Service [email protected]

9. Use of the Website
The information, products and services that you can access through this website are not allowed to be changed or used for other purposes.


10. Acceptance of these terms and conditions (AGB)

11. Additional Agreements
Additional agreements, amendments, changes or other assurances are effective only when confirmed in writing.

12. Applicable law
The contract is subject to Kosovar law. Jurisdiction of Prishtina, Kosovo. The German version of these terms and conditions takes precedence over the translated version. 13. Salvatore Clause (severability) If one or more provisions of this contract are or become invalid, the validity of the other provisions shall not be affected.

14. Status These provisions are valid from 01.09.2011. If you have difficulty understanding this information, call the DuaReisen Call Center for help

Refund and Cancellation Policy

We do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the product is sent BOOKING (e-ticket). As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item at our site. Please note that our bonuses are offered on behalf us and are not an issue for a refund or chargeback.

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